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I am quite certain I am not suffering from postpartum depression, but I've been a bit weepy and randomly crying the last two days. Mostly I cry when I think about John. I miss him very much. He's coming in July to visit us, but that doesn't prevent me from crying and thinking about how much I miss him - much like what I'm doing now.

We chatted over iChat today. It was so great to "see" him and to hear his wonderfully sexy voice. I am a sucker when it comes to his accent and I miss hearing that voice every day. I look at Fizzy and certain features remind me of her Daddy and that sends tears flowing down my face.

I wasn't expecting it, but I ended up talking to his mum for a little bit today. I was so surprised and didn't know what to say that I totally forgot to thank her for the wonderful gifts she sent to Fizzy. Way to make a good impression, Celeste! I talked to John for a while and I thought I was keeping it pretty lighthearted until he asked me how I was doing. Stupid dork that I am, I started to cry and told him I miss him. Anyway, I can't wait to chat with him again.

He gave me the best Mother's Day present - a MacBook Air. It arrived a couple of days after we got back from the hospital. He knew I wouldn't appreciate jewelry, or even wear it, but I definitely would love a MacBook Air. It also makes it so much easier to carry around. By giving me this, I can now pass on my black MacBook to my sister, who's coming to visit us next week with her girlfriend. It was very sweet of John to even suggest that I give my MacBook to my brother or sister.

It's time to sleep. I just wanted to type something so I can have some time alone and cry a bit. Good night.



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Jul. 21st, 2008 08:37 am (UTC)
Tears of happiness
Sometimes, I am so excited about some event in my life, that I cannot help but crying. About two weeks ago, I was so impressed and probably scared with a horrible thunderstorm that I did want to cry!!!! But I managed not to :)
Jul. 23rd, 2008 09:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Tears of happiness
:) Good for you, but if you did cry I am sure no one would think you are being silly for doing so. Crying can be so cathartic sometimes. And well, sometimes we just need to cry!
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