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Finding myself

Or at least escaping from the stress caused by work and trying to feel better. That's what I did today.

My alarm went off at 6 AM, but I kept hitting the snooze button until it was 6:30, and then I decided I'll try to get up. I went back to bed at 7. I had a headache again. It's always at the same spot, at the back of my head, not too far from my neck. It's possible it's caused by tension, but I don't have confirmation.

I took the day off. I needed it.

I went to Seattle, went to the Crumpet Shop and had a cup of tea and a crumpet with butter and honey. And then I walked to Sur La Table where I got a 9.5" tart pan, and then to La Campagne and sat down for lunch. It was great food. I saw the chef. I wanted to ask if I could take his picture or at least tell him the food at the French restaurant was really good, but I didn't. I headed back to where I parked my car, down the garage at Pacific Place. I decided to take a detour and check out two stores. I didn't get anything there. I headed back to the car, tried to find the onramp to I-5 North, and completely missed. The signs here in Seattle are not very good.

I eventually found my way back to the freeway, but I jumped on 520 instead, coming from Lakeview Blvd, through Montlake. It was all a happy coincidence. I made it to the gym at 4:30, just in time to keep my appointment with John. It was our second time at the gym this week. It felt good to be doing something again. Oh, and the rowing machines are new and now have these little games we can play. We raced against each other, he won of course. And I did a lot better this time on the fish game.

When I got home, I just had some dinner and then I watched one of the movies I had - Princess and the Warrior. It was a German movie. I liked it.

My headache hasn't gone away fully, but doing all these things made me not notice it as much. And now, I think I will go upstairs and get ready for bed.



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