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Life, Love, and Other Shit

I haven't been posting or checking LiveJournal for a while. Oddly enough, I've been really busy at work and haven't had a lot of time for anything. Since my last post I've:
- Moved offices at work
- Lost interest in the landscape painting class
- Been cooking up a storm: Mexican, Italian, French, and soon Spanish and a bunch of other dishes and baking in between
- Been very chirpy and also very moody since this weekend
- Felt so in love and also want to strangle the same person (more to do with my woman issues than the person)
- Been really stressed about all the work I have to do
- Been mostly depressed about my career, but still plodding along
- Thought about going to London, Paris, and Rome with my mom and brother
- Wished John would say yes to going to New York for his birthday
- Wished I had a day off every week (or see if I should apply for flexwork)
- Taken mostly pictures of food and hardly used my D80
- Obsessed abou more Apple hardware - John gave me the Apple iPhone Bluetooth headset for a present last week along with a pouch for my iPhone; He also got me a DVI to VGA adapter for my MacBook
- Just installed iLife '08
- Called my family a few times more since getting the new phone
- Been getting a lot of headaches and are worried it's something serious


Squishee machine

(Seattle) Kwik-E-Mart

I couldn't resist. We had to stop by after brunch and just see what's up.


Slow weekend

The weather has been shitty all week and it's been raining a lot this weekend. It's probably the best weather for reading a book like the new Harry Potter as there's no sun and possibility of any other outdoor activities to distract me from reading.

However, I really wnat to take this whole thing slow. It *is* the last book after all. And I don't know why, but I keep getting hungry when I read. I just finished all the leftover Thai food from last night. I feel like such a glutton. I can't even bike on the trail to feel less guilty about my gluttony.

Anyway, I think I'll remove my contact lenses and put on my glasses. More reading to do.

Friday Clouds and Rain in Seattle

And I'm not just talking about the weather forecast for tomorrow. Sadly, it doesn't seem like the Sunshine movie is being released here in Seattle tomorrow. While it's just opening on a limited number of screens tomorrow, the forecast doesn't look good that Seattle is one of those cities lucky enough to have it. That's a huge bummer because we were so looking forward to this movie.

The optimist in me wants to check the theater schedules tomorrow and hope that a theater in Seattle is showing the movie. The pessimist in me tells me to forget about it and wait until it opens nationwide. :P

John tells me we can always see Transformers instead as we still haven't seen that. Ah, thank goodness for friends!

Okay, too much cooking. I'm knackered. Off to bed.


Chicken Enchilada Dinner

Felt like indulging the cook in me so I cooked a full blown Mexican dinner for tonight.

I made salsa fresca/pico de gallo, guacamole, Mexican rice/red rice, flan for dessert, and the chicken enchiladas. I didn't have time to make the enchilada sauce from scratch, which is essentially just salsa roja, so I just used a can of enchilada sauce from the store as well as refried beans. Too bad it wasn't 100% homemade, although that would've taken ages.

I thought it turned out really well! Amazingly, despite the amount of food on the plate, it didn't make me or John feel uncomfortably full (even if you finished the whole plate) unlike when eating at a Mexican restaurant. The whole thing was really good, and I'm not just saying that because I made it, and there really isn't a lot of unnecessary shit like too much watery sauce or too much baked beans and bland rice and so on.

I also did it because I sucked so bad the first time I played Cooking Mama Cook Off on the Wii. I needed something to make me feel better. :)

Is it Friday yet?

It feels like it should. Or perhaps that's just me being unmotivated talking.

On Friday my new product team is going on a cruise on Lake Washington for a ship (cycle) party. They're going to celebrate the release of v1 for a product. I'm fairly new to this team although I've supported and worked with the other mobile and embedded teams within the division before. Part of me doesn't really feel like going or feel like I should go because I only came in at the last month and a half of their ship cycle. The other part of me thinks it will be a good opportunity to meet the rest of the team, as everyone I've met so far seems really cool.

John mentioned that the Sunshine movie opens this Friday. That's brilliant! We've both been looking forward to seeing this film for a while, and I thought it would open later. So, I definitely want to see that, if not this Friday then definitely sometime this weekend.

Book 7 of the Harry Potter series is also coming out. And yes, I've got it pre-ordered. Looking forward to that as well.

I worked on my painting last night. Last Sunday instead of going headlong and using acrylics right away, we instead used just Raw Umber and watered it down to light, medium, and dark. When you paint, it seemed more like painting with watercolors which is washed out. I did one piece on Sunday, but I wasn't happy with the space. So around noon I went back to my car and taped another paper to my board and whipped up another one, this time I opened up the space more and cut off the pine trees and removed the buildings in the background. I did the second one in a half hour or so and was much happier with it. I just did several more applications last night so that the colors weren't too light - my initial mix was too light, quite conservative really. However, I like starting out light rather than dark because it's much easier to make something dark than to make something light. Once you've applied color to the paper, the whiteness or paleness of the page is gone and putting white paint on top of that is not really the same. The idea is to use the whiteness of the page to suggest light or to indicate where the lightest parts of the landscape are.

Hmm... I seem to be going on and on about this. Well, it was fun doing it. The weather forecast for the rest of the week indicates rain. I'm hoping it will change so we can go out to the Arboretum again and do some painting. That would be lovely.

Back to work.

Brunch @ Rosebud

More food. This one was from brunch at Rosebud yesterday. After landscape class, we both wanted some nice poached eggs on English muffins. John had the Eggs Benedict and I had the Eggs Blackstone. So yummy.

Anyway, I'm trying to get back into the work groove. I liked my time off last week, but it wasn't enough. I probably should've taken the whole week off, but I'd still rather reserve my vacation time until I can use it for travel.

Tired. Time for bed.


Mmm... Cheesecake

I bummed around Pike Place Market today, and one of my pit stops was The Confectional. They make cheesecakes right in the shop and the cheesecakes are really fabulous. They're not huge, but big enough for one person to eat for dessert. I am not a big fan of huge servings so this is perfect.

I got four different kinds this time: New York style, caramel, kahlua, and raspberry white chocolate. The last is definitely my personal favorite and John likes NY style. We can duke it out for the last two, but my guess is he'll go for caramel and I'll put a claim on the kahlua.


Maximilien In The Market

It looks like they decided to go with the photo I took sometime last year and put it in the third edition of the Schmap Seattle Guide. It's a very small version of the original photo, but still, quite cool knowing one of the photos I took is in some web site about Seattle places.

I just recall having a lot of fun that day with John and I was taking quite a few photos. The view from the restaurant is awesome - it's of the Puget Sound. There was no bad seat in the house, and it wasn't a very huge place. Very nice really.

The link is here.



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